Thousands of years ago, as Mankind began to ponder the universe, we inadvertently began an adventure towards enlightenment, never knowing what the next step might bring. And much like the Allegory of the Cave, this path began in darkness and led towards the light. This desire to know was incidental to reactions we experienced within our current surroundings. The path we walked was, and still is, the path of knowledge. The light at the end of the path was truth and enlightenment. With every step towards truth and enlightenment, a footprint was left behind in the sands of ignorance. At times throughout history, along this path, the consequence of our exploration through darkness towards that light resulted in our fall. Due to these stumbles and subsequent scrapes and bruises, a divide surfaced in Mankind.

The original divide separated two conflicting parties that forever determined the rate and gait of Mankind along this path unto enlightenment. One party likened this fall of man as the edge of all knowledge. Furthermore, the pursuit of the remainder of the unknown belonged to a mysterious god and that we, as Mankind, should be satisfied with, and be considered our current setting within this darkness, lest we encroach upon the toes of this “god.” They were and still are the fearful, lazy, mindless cowards who hide behind Crosses, Crescents, and Stars. And they are content with stopping the pursuit of knowledge for all Mankind because of their fear, while lavishing in material wealth and political power attributed to general human ignorance that is secondary to the lack of this pursuit of knowledge.

The other party, the Enlightened, likened the fall of Mankind to human error and furthermore insisted upon re-analysis, recuperation, and continuation upon this path towards enlightenment. They were and still are the fearless thinkers and devoted explorers for the betterment of Mankind whose only vices were, and still are, the love of knowledge and the pursuit of higher truths. Regardless, prior to the voyage into enlightenment and the subsequent divide, all of Mankind shared a desire to know. More specifically, all Mankind shared a desire to know three things: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Unfortunately, the weak-minded, yet powerful group of fearful fools, separated from the pursuit of truth millennia ago by claiming to have already solved these riddles. They called it “God.” They easily sold God to fellow weak-minded people like themselves because, after all, the journey into the wilderness of darkness and ignorance would be over. In essence, it was just easier to quit the pursuit and accept the current conditions. There was no longer reason to pursue knowledge and potentially fall again, as that knowledge we sought was already “known” to be God. Instead of potentially falling again, they could stop right there, establish camp for the remainder of time and wallow in hope and indulge in laziness while leaving everything to come, in the hands of this God. To preserve their way of life and beliefs, they convinced others that the light at the end of the tunnel was the afterlife or the land of gods. Furthermore, so long as they abided by the rules of their current status of darkness, after physical death, they too could reap the benefits of that light without the risk of further exploration. What a deal!

The fearless, did not believe this and continued onward. As they progressed towards the light, they realized it was not a heaven; instead, it was a star that fused hydrogen atoms into helium. It was our Sun. And there were many like it. So they turned around and shouted back down their tailcoats, “Hey, it’s not a mystery anymore, it’s not a god. It’s just a star. It’s now safe to come up here and join us. Please accept the fruits of our endeavors (Please accept the fruits of medical and modern scientific research.)” And so the fearful inched forward to this new location in the path towards enlightenment, but stopped again so that they could rename their god and redefine his morals while lavishing in the fruits of the enlightened mans’ labors. Hence, history reflects several transitions and similarities between all the gods, the world over. Again, the fearless picked up and moved towards that light, as there was still much that needed interpretation. However, along the way, many grew afraid and turned back to the camp of darkness and ignorance. They turned back to their gods. After all, once the fearless made a new discovery, they would just turn back to shout down their tailcoats to inform the fearful that it was safe to move forward again. What a deal! Invest nothing and receive everything in return. And so the tailcoat of Enlightened Man grew heavier and heavier as the fearless continued to pull the weight of the whole. Such has been the history of Mankind’s pursuit of knowledge. Such has been the parasitic strain upon the enlightened by the religious zealots. The time has come to shed that burden! The time has come to destroy their minds! The time has come to exterminate the concept of God!

In closing, Anti-theists, Atheists, Agnostics, Religious Dissenters, Fearless Thinkers, and Enlightened, the time has come! Join together. Rise Up! Take the child-like Believer by the scruff of his neck and cast him off your tailcoat. Refuse to feed him any longer. Intelligence has evolved without him! Homo habilis and the Neanderthals have gone extinct and so should the Believers (or at least placed in zoos for our entertainment). Regardless, due to their overactive imaginations, they should only rate the same rights and privileges of children. My fellow fearless thinkers, take from him the reins of this world and let us steer Mankind back on course towards Humanity and Enlightenment!

Phaedrus comes!

The Alliance of Religious Intolerance