The Anti-God

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In 173,675 words, I intend to dismantle over 6,000 years of organized human ignorance….or at least, insult it to the best of my abilities. This is an inflammatory book designed to tease out that frothing, raving, hypocritical, hateful God-fearing animal which hides behind a peaceful, loving, tolerant and forgiving façade. I do this intentionally so that he may fall short of the glory of his ridiculous god and directly upon his face. I do this so that he may behave adversely in the name of his god and therefore, use his god’s name in vain, and consequently, fulfill the blatant hypocrisy of his faith. I do this because I am the embodiment of the teachings of your faith. I am Hate and Intolerance just like you! I intend to divide in order to unite!


A Summary of the Volumes

I began The Antisocial Manifesto in 2005 following legal issues, which directly influenced my current position in life. Consequently, I began to think, “Who are these people to judge me?” After all, the legal system is composed of a board of directors (judges and magistrates) established by voters within a community who have common standards of living for which they want upheld. These standards of living are founded upon both civil and moral codes from which they find comfort for themselves and their daily lives. Accordingly, these codes were passed down and modified from generation to generation, while always remaining deeply rooted in some fictitious higher being which they called, “God;” i.e. commandments/law. However, but more importantly, their standards, civil and moral, are not my own.

Before World War II and the years of economic depression, war, and a godless, communist Red Scare, the people of the United States became fearful and lost faith in their government and paper money, so the Treasury began to print “In God We Trust” on it instead of the previous motto: E pluribus unum. Paper money was now safe because a God said so. Coins required little to no faith since they had inherent worth due to bullion they were made of; i.e. gold and silver. Regardless, following the civil war, they too had “In God We Trust” stamped upon them.

I trust in man as merely a man and his abilities. Why should I place my trust, moreover, my obedience, in something I don’t believe in? More importantly, why should I be confined to laws set forth by man, which are in accordance with the principles of a fictitious God? In addition, just because they are the principles of today, does not mean they will be the same principles tomorrow. Thus, they are relative.

The gods of the current world are beneath Mankind. However, my personal disbelief is not new. Strangely enough, my belief was summed up by Laplace over 200 years ago when he was asked by Napoleon, how God fit into this system of scientific determinism. Laplace replied, “Sire, I have not needed that (God) hypothesis.” And nor do I. Until science provides the answer to life, the answer simply remains unanswered and not prematurely attributed to some fictitious god.

Regardless of the validity of the content herein, my mind has experienced the sweet schism: a mind from a religion. This book is a single account while also acting as a pseudo “how to” guide for all Mankind in order to convert his God into a god, followed furthermore by a god’s conversion into myth then to legend and finally, fiction – the final and appropriate resting place for gods. [Note: I do not hate God, I do not despise God, nor do I desire to kill God. No. This simply could not be since these thoughts, desires, and actions would require that there be an actual entity that assumes the status of “being” and capable of being loved or hated; instead, I despise the concept of God and I desire to destroy the concept of God.]

God is like phlogiston, it is the temporary title to an unexplainable phenomenon. And like phlogiston, once we are able to accurately measure it, we will appropriately rename it something like….oxygen. But, unfortunately this disease, this god concept exists within the individual minds of Mankind and therefore my quest requires that I pluck this cancer from each and every afflicted mind. I am the anti-god, the anti-prophet, the antichrist, the antitheist; I am whatever you would like to call me. I am Lucifer and Lilith in the Garden. I am the Adversary. “Believer”-I am your enemy! Throughout this book, the reader will stumble upon sporadic quips and concepts embedded within this collection of dribble. I was educated in both Christianity and science. But as a lover of the truth, science has revealed the reason and purpose of apparent purposelessness. Science has provided a more likely solution to all things tangible. They don’t claim to be right, they claim to be “more likely.”

Metamorphosis-Life: A Book of Lies is my personal story and thoughts that reveal a former walk with the gods; however, and more importantly, it will demonstrate the absence of a benevolent god and those lonely walks I had. I never met the guy. I came to realize, all the times I needed an omnipotent benevolent god the most, he was not there. Likewise, later in life, when I didn’t need a god, the outcomes were the same as when I thought he existed and needed him. Therefore, I learned to believe in myself. Admittedly, I am more confused than ever. But I am more confused because the more I stripped God from the equation, the more I was left with questions than answers. I once thought God made us, now I don’t know. I used to think God controlled the weather, but now I don’t know. However, not knowing has caused me to ask and search for answers, while the believer asks no questions and will never find answers; i.e. their answer is, “God.” Therefore, I am better off seeking something rather than wallowing in the stagnant, vestigial waters of ignorance and gods. And I will always be two steps ahead of the Believers.

Every chapter is a year of my life to the best of my memory. And from each chapter the savvy neurologist, psychiatrist or clinician may find him/herself able to map their speculations and assumptions regarding me. They may find trends, predispositions and proclivities that the laymen overlook. Or they may fail to see anything of any significance. As a lover of science and self-proclaimed philosopher/scientist of nothing, I am a believer in biotic and abiotic influences; i.e. influences from my own cells to influences from my environment, respectively. Hence, each chapter/year is preceded by the subject location (I, being that subject) followed by unrelated events that transpired around the universe during that same time frame (time: a very strange thing). And finally, each chapter is beautifully crowned with a famous quote from somewhere in the past which may or may not resonate today. I’ve read many books in my lifetime and selected only the best adages, from Jesus to Adolf Hitler. Regardless of your personal beliefs, their words made it into history, whether they were famous or infamous. Where are your words? Therefore, I included them to demonstrate how the pen can be mightier than the sword. And while swords may take lives, words take nations!

Losing My Religion 1 & 2 began around the age of 26 years. It was my event horizon. At just over a quarter of a century in age, I essentially took a step back from, so called, reality in order to become as objective as possible so that I could analyze my life’s data up to the present. In the process, I detached. And as you will read, this was the age of my first “melt-down.” Within the pages that launched the volume, I desperately struggled to retain and validate my dwindling religious convictions by combatively skewing and misinterpreting popular scientific speculation. My actions and convictions were out of desperation like a drowning swimmer lashing at the water’s edge while struggling for air. In retrospect, I am grateful I never resurfaced. For within those very waters of scientific speculation-which I vehemently thrashed against- there existed the welcoming, outstretched, unbiased, indifferent, and impersonal arms of science to welcome me home. This volume also marks the time of love acquired and love lost. A strange love it was, as this relationship, per se, acted as a catalyst in my reflective process. Without this event, my life would have taken another one of Feynman’s alternate routes. And I’m relatively satisfied with my current conditions compared to the other possibilities that I’ll never know since I continually have trouble remembering my alternate future.

Losing My Religion was my threshold. Intuitively, many people think of thresholds as peaks on a graph, and in many ways, this volume was. This threshold was a peak insofar as my life went downhill relative to my relationship with society; however, it also acted as a trough insofar as my reflection of me and also from which understanding of my surroundings increased. I guess, in a way, this volume (or period in life) induced a total darkness to the reality I once knew. This period in time caused a shift in my life’s light-waves causing the overlap of peaks and troughs resulting in darkness/nothingness. I, in essence, became blind to the fictitious world that I once knew, but enlightened to the world within. Like a child, I began to learn, all over again.

The Touch of Mania series began soon thereafter. They are of no significance to the book proper and can be skipped. The book chapters continue to flow without them. However, they are perfect reflections of my manic/depressive mind at that time. My “mini-manias” were detectable to society only as strange behavioral x-rays emitted from the black hole of my inner thoughts; every interlude is a random and lucid moment. Only a portion therein is scientifically proven or accepted. These mini-manias were merely my small delusions of grandeur. Regardless, I certainly enjoyed them, as I hope you will. And who knows, maybe some of it is true or will be discovered to be valid later, and you’ll say, “I’ve heard or read this somewhere before.” But this too is just my lingering and delusional grandeur speaking as he and I are still very much acquainted, like the scent of tobacco is to the smoker. And as you know, addictions can only be truly satiated by indulgence in the obsession.

The Manic Interludes is the period when my delusions of grandeur really took off. They too are of no significance to the book proper and can be skipped. The book chapters continue to flow without them. However, they too are perfect reflections of my manic/depressive and antisocial mind at that time. Appropriately pasted at the start of Manic Interludes is the page of eyes. They are mine. All of them. And although you think you are looking into my life as if watching me, all my life I have been watching you and gathering apparently meaningless data. Like a bird watcher, I have been watching, gathering, interpreting, and judging you (the birds), sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously (But, could I really know if I was doing it unconsciously if I’m unconscious of it?) The Interludes are scattered throughout the chapters from this point unto the end. And they fluctuate from humorous to hostile. This period was a whirlwind of speculation and the product of many sleepless nights of sheer excitement founded in the mental hinterlands of my mind where the truth and lies became the same. It was here that the silence was deafening, the darkness was blinding, and I illuminated in my mind’s eye as I became happy and delusional. Unbeknownst to me, I had entered the realm of Charlie Manson’s, “No sense makes sense.” And from here, there was no turning back.

The Book of Man is full of speculation and there is little evidence or references for these assertions, however it will require less faith in the magical, mystical realm of the adulthood imaginary friends known as gods. This book too is of no significance to the book proper and can be skipped. The book chapters continue to flow without them. However, again, they are perfect reflections of my progressively sickened mind at that time. It offers an explanation of our past, based on a combination of science and logic, in a biblical format. The central thrust is as follows and is the only take-home point the reader need retain: just because science cannot explain, prove, or disprove a subject matter in the current era, does not mean it will not in the future. Thus, it is completely erroneous for anyone to attribute that lack of current knowledge or understanding as a quality of some fictitious god. For example, to say, “How did the universe come into being? I don’t know. So it ‘must be’ the works of a god,” is an erroneous assertion and an unacceptable, extraordinary leap of deductive reasoning. Yet, we as a society still have gods. And this is due to ignorance and laziness. Hence, the conquering of laziness and ignorance by conquering gods is the objective of this book and the volumes within represent the path I took. Therefore, it became my “manifesto.”

The Book of Man is a reinterpretation of the history of the universe from its beginning up until our modern era. It is in fact, in and of itself, a theory attempting to explain how we, as Mankind, arrived at our present era and current understandings therein. Believe it or not, it matters not. The assertions may not be true, but they are more tangible and more likely than a god.

A New Beginning is the sequel to the Book of Man. This volume picks up where mankind left off “In the Beginning.” The Apocalypse ~ A Revelation is hostile. It attempts to offer a painful solution to mankind’s greatest nemesis, the enigma of God and man’s dependence thereupon. This book too is of no significance to the book proper and can be skipped. The book chapters continue to flow without them.

Over the centuries, this infrastructure of religion has proven to be just as, or more, guilty as the tobacco industry for selling a lie, insofar as, the “god product” endorses and perpetuates ignorance, hate, and war. And for those who refuse the product, they are offered the intimidating eternal after-life of damnation or eternal life in the absence of God, which alludes to a form of damnation. In essence, this god product extorts Mankind: believe in it, worship it, serve it, and buy it, lest ye experience eternal damnation and rejection from society. Even the tobacco industry was more kind to their prospective users insofar as their previous campaigns that essentially consisted of: see it, read it, believe it, and buy it, lest ye experience peer pressure and be cast out of certain clichés.

The tobacco industry was found guilty for their claims and held liable for the direct effects of their product to the tune of over 240 billion dollars. More importantly, no individual was held accountable, only the industry as a whole. Therefore, A New Beginning condemns and penalizes the religious industry for selling years of ignorance, lies, deceit, and politically induced obstruction of science, hate and war. And during this fictitious reign of the Anti-god, all denominations, to include the non-denominational, are exterminated like rats.

Summa of the Summa is in fact, as the name indicates, a summary of my summaries and therefore does not attempt to introduce any new reasonable/unreasonable Manic Interludes. It is a retrospection of my final years. The Summa is an “Ode to the Greatest Beyond” and its brevity is consistent with the knowledge therein. The Summa proposes a more humane and diplomatic solution to religion.

The combined “books” form the entirety of me. And I ask you, the reader, at any time that you doubt anything or do not understand what is written herein, look it up and confirm or deny its validity. Unfortunately, sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, while undiscovered and productive lies always seem to comfort, for at least, a little while. Regardless, the majority of the world is ignorant and naïve and prefers to live that way. Or they are just too lazy to question. And this does not exclude the areas of medicine, law, or science. Fore, even they too contain several practicing ignoramuses.

My life and its current societal standing is not my preference and my callousness reflects this. But it is my lot in life due to the apparent choices I’ve made. Thus, I have purchased this lot. But do not despise me for this; instead, reflect upon your own shortcomings first and then apply yourself to the rigorous and unyielding boundaries of your foreboding religious principle: “Judge not, lest ye be judged!” I have no judge, therefore your judgments mean nothing to me!