From the Author


I am Syphilis, the Great Masquerader!….or perhaps, I’m merely a pile of dog shit in the high grass…..I live happily, peacefully, unnoticed, untouched, without judgment…because I am unnoticed, untouched and quietly minding my own business.  I have no intentions but to live out my life in the high grass, snoozing in the semi-shaded sun, providing a little nitrogen for the grass that has provided me with a soft bed.  I didn’t ask to be here, but this is where I was dropped.  I am the product of your Best Friend or someone else’s.  Then you came along and stepped on me.  As a result, I oozed between your toes or the tread of your shoe.  Only then did you know me and call me by my name, “SHIT!”  The moral: you stepped on me and I responded!  Religious buffoons, I am talking to you! You wanted an ‘End of Days’?  You wanted a Monster?  You got it!

This is the Bible of the New Era…a book written for Generations X, Y and Z.  We are Modern Religion!


This book is dedicated to that which is called “God.”  May this war finally begin so that I may take from “it” what is rightfully mine!  I am no Atheist, because I see no reason to argue God’s existence or non-existence.  I am no Communist because I believe in the common good for all humankind.

In this modern era, it is widely accepted that gods are highly unlikely and not worth argument.  Therefore, I am an anti-theist and this is a book about destroying the empire that has spawned from the cornucopia of ancient ideals!  This book is dedicated to the living, breathing human beings who harbor mysticism.  The wolf is upon your doorstep.  Jews, Christians, Muslims…beware.  I’m coming for you!  I propose the greatest holocaust for you all!

This book is an unconventional fictional autobiographical rant on the satire of antilife and self-alienation in America.  And contained within this book is a semi-conscious collection of letters, words, oxymoronic phrases, misinterpretations, ideologies, philosophies, theories, facts, lies and laws.

Special Thanks:

To my ex-wife. To my most loyal dog, Max. To my other dogs: Sigmund “Siggy”, Nero, and Tutter.  To the country of Taiwan and the good people I met.


To Galileo and your character, Simplicio who demonstrated the ignorance of the Faith.  To Thomas Paine for suffering incarceration by speaking out against organized religion.  To America’s Founding Fathers: John Coles, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Ethan Allen, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison for your adamant disapproval of the incorporation of Jesus into the U.S. Constitution.  To Friedrich Nietzsche for your blatant attacks upon the Church.  To Richard Dawkins for all your witty quips against religion in your books and your outright attack in The God Delusion.  To Sam Harris for your caustic approach towards the religious minded, to Robin Morgan for exploration of the U.S. Constitution and creating Fighting Words in defense.  To Dan Brown for your piece of faction that raised so much hell. To Dr. Jack Kessler for actively combating the Monotheists in pursuit of stem cell research.  To Korn for the wild fury and energy in your music.  Finally, to Dr. Jacob “Jack” Kevorkian, you are a martyr for the cause of modern humanity.


In 173,675 words, I intend to dismantle over 6,000 years of organized human ignorance….or at least, insult it to the best of my abilities.  This is an inflammatory book designed to tease out that frothing, raving, hypocritical, hateful God-fearing animal which hides behind a peaceful, loving, tolerant and forgiving façade.  I do this intentionally so that he may fall short of the glory of his ridiculous god and directly upon his face.  I do this so that he may behave adversely in the name of his god and therefore, use his god’s name in vain, and consequently, fulfill the blatant hypocrisy of his faith.  I do this because I am the embodiment of the teachings of your faith.  I am Hate and Intolerance just like you!  I intend to divide in order to unite!